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Multichannel strategy

A single back-end for all your channels is possible!

Where does it come from?


On the one hand we have the emergence of new digital delivery channels of customer services such as mobile devices, IVR, Call Center, Kiosks, ATMs, Internet, SmartTVs and even wearable devices.

Another thing is, highly competitive financial industry in the digital field and demand fast to their areas of manufacturing systems which results in the best Web services to be consumed by the channels, in other cases responses “hard core services “tailored to the needs of the case and the demands of the areas of marketing.

This causes what we call “Spaguetti Services” sometimes redundant many services serving many channels, this causes administrative expenses, maintenance, operation and support, without which often have to be re-encoded services are known to exist, but whose complexity is cheaper to build them back.

The Spaghetti service is a common problem in banks with more 10 years and a problem that the new banks not anticipated by their need for rapid growth.

The multichannel strategy solves this problem: All services provided by the bank are mapped as business processes on a single platform, allowing it to be managed easily and simply, clean and transparent for all channels “client” form.

Besides the ease of business rule management, multichannel publishing strategy facilitates services and monitoring of transactions in real time.

For successful implementation of a multichannel strategy, there must be an SOA suite of any brand or free distribution that has at least an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) available.

SOA Suite

The SOA Suite can be any brand, even open source or assembly of various products. NA-AT has the experience and experts in any market tool certified for this purpose.

Multichannel solve the “spaghetti information” through the ESB or Enterprise Services Bus (IBM, Oracle, Tibco, RedHat, microsoft, mule)

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  • ESB service implementation
  • Creating Interfaces
  • Integration, certification and production start of services (publication)
  • Performance Tunning
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