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Performance Tunning

We are the SWAT of financial sector

What does it consist of?

We believe that the financial sector is the most critical industry as manages the capital of the whole world, so, mission-critical applications must have the minimum performance required to operate optimally. According to our studies, the maximum response time must have an application is 3 seconds. Never be off-line operating hours poor performance problems are related to the different layers, products, licenses, middleware, telecommunications and generally in all settings that each client technology infrastructure. Our job is to find where the problem is. We decided to be agnostic to the marks of the most important products in the world to give you confidence that it received “finder fee” of anyone. How can we help you?

  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Correct problems of poorly performing applications
  • We develop new applications of low level (Java, C, Assembler) Troubleshooting
  • Complete solution providers to integrate (Infrastructure, Communications, Database, Application Servers, Hardware, etc.)

* 90% of the reasons why a user stops using a digital service for poor performance

  • Simplifies operations, this solution provides centralized management of data on the card or mobile device, end users and applications, enabling secure communications.
  • Long term ROI. This technology is so flexible that it can adapt to future market demands.

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